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Be one step ahead with LeadScope. Focus on finding the next opportunity in your CRM database.

Why LeadScope

LeadScope encourages more focused conversations in a changing market, using insights from Domain to identify the properties in your CRM database that are most likely to come to market within the next 12 months.

Powerful insights

Access powerful insights on missed opportunities, with data on listings and which agencies are winning them.

Deeper relationships

Manage your CRM better, and discover properties you may have overlooked.

More insights about your CRM

Focus on the properties that matter and save more time. Find the next opportunity and get the edge.

Right people, right time

Get ahead by focusing on properties in your CRM that are more likely to list.

What are people saying?

Before LeadScope we had so many different calls to make we didn’t know where to start, but now we have this magic list that appears.
Thomas Popple
Sales Executive Ray White

How does it work?

Unparalleled Insights

Property buyers and sellers use Domain every month, this unique combination of data informs insights only available with LeadScope.

Identify Seller Activity

Understanding seller activity through audience data connected to property addresses.

Likely to List

Identify properties in your CRM that we believe are going to come to market within the next 12 months.

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LeadScope Insights

Unparalleled insights from Domain for better conversations

Say hello to opportunity

LeadScope helps unlock the potential in your CRM.

Quality in, quality out

LeadScope can help improve the quality of the data in your CRM. The more properties with clean addresses, the more LeadScope can match.

Understand your market

Find listings in your CRM that you may have missed out on, so you can focus on finding the next opportunity.

Discover unparalleled insights from Domain within your CRM

Use insights to spark the right conversations

LeadScope brings properties in your CRM that may be ready to list to the forefront, highlighting opportunities using insights from Domain. LeadScope scans your database for properties that may be ready to list in the next 12 months.

Have the right conversations at the right time

LeadScope delivers insights on properties in your CRM so you can have more relevant conversations at the right time.

Connect to your CRM database

Connect your CRM with LeadScope to gain insights for more focused conversations.

Your CRM, but better

Your CRM, delivered back to you with insights to use to your advantage.

Integrate with market leading CRMs

We automate the process to make receiving actionable insights more efficient.

Highlight potential properties

Domain analyses your CRM to highlight potential properties and insights relevant to you.

See the insights

LeadScope helps unlock the potential in your CRM with insights from Domain, including properties more likely to list.

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*LeadScope is only available in NSW, QLD, TAS, WA, NT, ACT and SA

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